Finn is a soft element sofa that will fit into each living room. You can add and combine elements endlessly with the element sofa from By SIDDE! There are 7 sets which you can complement with a loose elementhocker or a headrest. Finn is upholstered in fabric Ebbe, a lovely warm fabric in 8 different colors, from soft beige to deep terra.


All elements are upholstered all around, so they can also be placed individually in the room. Decide the arrangement and size of your dream sofa!


Finn has a medium seating comfort, which makes it great for lounging together after a long day at work. The seat is constructed with nosag springs, topped with bonell inner springs and high quality cold foam. In use, the fabric will become looser and the foam softer.



Check out the different sets of sofa Finn below.






Set 5

Ebbe 149 Clay Stone

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Leg color

Black (9005)

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Seat height:45cm
Seat depth:58cm
Back height:33cm
Armrest width:26cm
Leg height:3cm

Seat comfort:Medium

Sofa Finn is constructed from a wooden carcass, with metal nosag springs. On top of this is a Bonell inner spring and High Resilience foam. This is a high-quality filling that becomes softer in use. Finn has a soft seating comfort.


Depending on body weight and intensity of use, the filling and springs decrease in stiffness by 10% in the initial phase. The foam will eventually remain constant at 85% of its new value.


In use, there will be space in the fabric which may cause slight creasing, this is normal.

Composition:100% Polyester
Color fastness:5
Composition:100% Polyester
Color fastness:5
Composition:100% Polyester
Color fastness:5
Composition:100% Polyester
Color fastness:5
Composition:100% Polyester
Color fastness:5
Composition:100% Polyester
Color fastness:5
Composition:100% Polyester
Color fastness:5
Composition:100% Polyester
Color fastness:5
Protexx Oekotex Standard 100

By SIDDE believes it is important that you can enjoy your sofa for a long time. That is why you get 5 years of free Protexx stain guarantee when you buy a By SIDDE sofa. This is already included in the price of the sofa.


We have purchased this insurance for you from Oranje BV. This gives a 5 year guarantee on the following stains:


Beverages, such as:

-   Coffee, tea, chocolate milk

-   Coke and fruit juices

-   Wine, beer and liquor


Foods, such as:

-   Ketchup, mayonnaise

-   Tomato sauce and gravy

-   Peanut butter, chocolate and marmalade

-   Butter, milk and other oil-based stains


Excretions of humans and mammals, such as:

-   Body oil

-   Vomit

-   Sweat

-   Urine

-   Blood

-   Feces


NOTE: Dirt on the upholstered furniture caused by normal use is not covered by the warranty. Jeans stains are also not covered by the guarantee.


The nature of the stain must be known in order to claim under the warranty. For more information see Protexx stainguarantee

Delivery time

We do not deliver sofas from a stock. After you have made your choice, we will make the sofa especially for you. We deliver the sofas quickly and free of charge to your home.

Delivery to the Netherlands and Belgium:

Within 3 weeks we will deliver the sofa for free to your home. In the payment module you can choose a desired delivery date up to 6 weeks in the future. One day before delivery you will receive an email around noon with a two-hour period in which the delivery will take place.


Delivery to Germany, Austria and France:

Within 4 weeks we will deliver the sofa for €79.00 to your home. Our carrier will contact you one week before delivery to make an appointment for delivery.
Our carrier plans on which day your sofa will be delivered. The delivery day is dependent on the region where you live.

Would you like to receive the bank further in the future? Then choose the furthest date, and send us an email at [email protected] with your desired delivery week. We will manually adjust it for you.


The sofa Finn will be delivered in a special reusable cover. The dimensions of the packaging are: 


Set 5

Part 1: D116xW90xH71 cm  (incl. 3cm pre-assembled leg)

Part 2: D90xW90xH71 cm  (incl. 3cm pre-assembled leg)

Part 3: D125xW156xH71 cm (incl. 3cm pre-assembled leg)


Our carrier will deliver the sofa with two men on the truck. The sofa will be delivered to your house up to and including the 4th floor, provided that it is easily accessible. Check if the sofa fits inside your house in advance. See the link to measure is to know measuring is knowing. The sofa is packed in a reusable By SIDDE cover. We put the sofa for you in the living room, assemble the legs, and take the cover back with them.


You can keep your sofa beautiful and hygienic for longer by cleaning it regularly. By SIDDE advises you to apply the tips below for even more pleasure from your sofa.


Avoid direct sunlight

Under the influence of sunlight, all fabrics discolour to a greater or lesser extent over time. Cotton fabrics are especially sensitive to this. It is best to avoid direct sunlight on furniture as much as possible.


Vacuum the furniture once a week

Dust particles get everywhere, including into furniture! Dust is difficult to see on furniture, which is why many people postpone maintenance. We recommend vacuuming furniture once a week from the time of purchase. To do this, use a nozzle with a soft brush that is only used for this purpose. Make sure the nozzle does not have any protrusions that could damage the fabric.


Textile cover

Smooth the upholstery carefully. For fabrics with a nap, always vacuum with the nap. In this way you will also remove dust particles such as sand which will cause wear over time.


The legs are already assembled under the sofa. The sofa will be connected. 


Connect and disconnect


Attach extra connectors

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