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How is the sofa constructed?

Our sofas are constructed from a wooden carcass, with metal nosag springs. On sofas with a fixed seat, the seat has bonell inner springing on top of the nosag springing, with a layer of HR foam on top. This is a high-quality filling that becomes softer with use.


In case of the Odin and Pelle sofas, HR foam is used with a top layer of memory foam. The seat molds to your body. When you stand up, the memory foam slowly returns to the original shape. On sofas with loose cushions, such as corner sofa Mads, the seat cushion has a high-quality cold foam underlayer, topped with a layer of silicone and sticks that are stitched into chambers. 


Depending on the type of upholstery, body weight and intensity of use, the filling and springs decrease in stiffness by 10% in the initial phase, eventually remaining constant at 85% of new value.

What are folds?

Each type of fabric is different, but mostly made of polyester yarn and have a certain elasticity. In use, a fabric will give folds. That is nothing to worry about, it adds charm to the furniture. Every fabric has stretch in it, with some fabrics the stretch is greater than with others. The degree of fold formation depends on the stretch in the fabric (the more stretch, the more fold formation), the type of seating furniture (for example firmly upholstered or cover upholstered), the width of the seat / back surface (the wider, the sooner wrinkling) and the loss of stiffness of the filling.

Color fastness

The color fastness of a fabric is determined by tests on a scale from 1 to 8, where 1 stands for strong discoloration and 8 for no discoloration.


Three lightfastness classes are distinguished:
4 = sufficient
5 = good
6 = very good


Every fabric will discolour over time, sunlight accelerates the process. With dark colors this is more visible than with light ones. Synthetic fibers show less discoloration than natural fibers. Therefore, never place the sofa in direct sunlight to prevent discoloration.

What is pilling?

Pilling of the fabric is caused by loose fibers that start to felt through a rotating movement. The degree of pilling depends on the weave, the fiber length, the fiber type and the intensity of use. Fabrics with wool are more likely to pill than other fabrics. It is a phenomenon that will disappear over time. The fibers can be removed well with a lint comb or electric pill device. If a loop is pulled, never pull it out, but work it towards the wrong side of the fabric.


The degree of pilling is indicated for each bank. The rating scale runs from 5-1:
5 = no pilling
1 = very strong pilling

What is martindale?

Martindale is a term used to describe the durability of an upholstery fabric. For a piece of furniture in a normal household, it is recommended to keep at least 15,000 for normal use and at least 25,000 for intensive use.

What is fabric crush?

A fabric can crush as a result of body heat, weight and moisture. This is especially the case with chenille, cord or velor fabrics. The fibers of these types of fabrics stand upright and provide a soft appearance. In use, the fiber lies flat and a seat mirror is created that optically gives a color difference.


By regularly rubbing in the direction of the pile with a soft vacuum cleaner mouth or with a soft brush, the fibers will largely return to the original direction and the optical color difference will largely disappear. The creation of a seat mirror is a characteristic of chenille and velor-like fabrics and is no reason for complaint.

How do I keep my sofa clean?

You keep furniture beautiful and hygienic for longer by cleaning it regularly. By SIDDE advises you to apply the tips below for even more enjoyment of your furniture.


Avoid direct sunlight
Under the influence of sunlight, each coating discolours to a greater or lesser extent over time. Cotton fabrics are particularly sensitive to this. It is best to avoid direct sunlight on furniture as much as possible.


Vacuum the furniture once a week
Dust particles end up everywhere, including furniture! Dust is hard to see on furniture, which means that many people postpone maintenance. We recommend vacuuming the furniture once a week from the moment of purchase. To do this, use a nozzle with a soft brush that is only used for this purpose. Make sure the mouthpiece does not have any protrusions that could damage the fabric or leather.


Fabric cover
Smooth the upholstery carefully. For fabrics with a nap, always vacuum with the nap. In this way you also remove dust particles such as sand that cause wear and tear over time.

How can I disconnect the sofa?

A corner sofa consists of 2 parts. The parts are upholstered on the sides. Under the recamiere / longchair are two metal hooks, and under the other part (3-seater sofa) a plastic grab, a kind of "crocodile mouth". If you want to separate the parts from each other, the recamiere / longchair part must be lifted slightly. Just a little bit. This releases the crocodile mouth from the metal profile. You can turn the crocodile beak away from under the sofa so that it is no longer visible.


To reconnect the parts, the 2 crocodile jaws must be straight forward. Make sure they are in the same position as the metal pins. Slide the parts together. The happers pull themselves into the pins. You will hear a clicking sound.

For further explanation about connecting and disconnecting the sofa parts, please refer to the manual.

Is it possible to order loose fabric?

It is possible to order loose fabric from us, but this is not possible via our website but only by e-mail. The fabric can be ordered per linear meter and charges € 25.00 per linear meter excluding shipping costs of € 15.00 per order in the Netherlands, and € 20.00 for Germany and Belgium. The width of the fabric is about 140cm.

The loose material has not been treated with Protexx and we cannot offer it with treatment.
Loose fabric has no right of return.

How do I know if the sofa will fit in our home?

You will find all sizes on the product page of your favorite sofa. See + SIZE for this. These are the measurements of the sofa including legs.

For the sizes of the sofa in the package, you can click on + PACKAGING. The sofa (parts) are packed in a reusable cover. The legs of the Knud and Sommer sofas are pre-assembled. This one is 5cm high. In all other models, the leg is not pre-assembled.


It is very important to measure in advance whether the new sofa will fit through the door, through the hallway, into the living room. Measure every wall. Also include the height of the ceiling.


Distinguish between normal dimensions and the usable space that remains. Consider, for example, radiators or other small things that make the surface less useful. You need more than four inches extra to get a piece of furniture through a door, stairwell or into the elevator.


Do you have to turn a corner? Count on some extra space. Tips for doubters: For example, try to get through the door with a flat piece of cardboard of the right size first. Incidentally, often more fits in an elevator than you think, so check that extra carefully.

Can I choose a different fabric for the sofa?

By SIDDE has consciously chosen to choose 1 fabric per model. It is not possible to choose a fabric that belongs to another sofa. You can choose from different colors per model. We only make the sofa when you order it and deliver for free within 2-4 weeks. By keeping the production process simple, we can produce quickly at competitive prices.

Can I order the sofa in a different size?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to order a different size sofa than the models and corresponding sizes that we have described in our shop. Customization within our concept is therefore not possible.

Ist it possible to change the leg of my sofa?

It is not possible to provide another leg under the sofa. You can also replace the leg yourself for a higher or lower version. For example on the site various legs are for sale.


Higher or lower legs do have consequences for the seating comfort. The combination of the seat height and seat depth in centimeters together determine the comfort. If the leg height becomes much higher or lower, then the ratio is gone.

Are the By SIDDE sofas available in SketchUp?

Our collection of sofas can be found in SketchUp's 3D warehouse.

Can I wash the covers of the sofa?

Because of our Protexx treatment, the covers are not washable. The fabric is pre-treated with a dirt-repellent impregnation, which protects the fabric from most common stains.

What does OEKO-TEX Standard 100 mean?

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. This means that every component of this item marked with this certification has been tested for harmful substances and is therefore harmless to human health.

What does OEKO-TEX STeP mean?

OEKO-TEX STeP is an independent certification for sustainable production facilities. OEKO-TEX STeP certification sets the highest standards for both social and environmental aspects of textile and leather production. This certification is a sign of responsibility to workers and the environment and supports a company's journey toward more sustainable production.


OEKO-TEX STeP certified production facilities make an important contribution so that products throughout the value chain can be recognized with the OEKO-TEX MADE IN GREEN label. The certification also enables easy and transparent communication of the sustainability commitment to customers and other stakeholders.

What does Global Recycled Standard mean?

Global Recycled Standard is a certification to boost the use of recycled materials. The Global Recycled Standard includes a higher minimum (50%) recycled content percentage and additional social and environmental requirements related to processing and chemical use.

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