Delivery with a moving lift

It is possible if delivery is not possible with an indoor lift or stairs to have it delivered, if the building allows it, with a moving lift via our carrier TSN.


Delivery via TSN:

The cost for a moving lift are € 195,00 for the Netherlands and Belgium.


At the start of the order, this must be reported to By SIDDE at [email protected]. We ensure that our carrier is informed.


The indicated costs are charged to you directly by TSN. TSN will ensure that the lift is on time and the TSNemployees will take care of the further relocation. Use of an elevator is possible up to the 8th floor.


For Belgium, Germany and Austria, it is not possible to have a moving lift! 

To which floor will be delivered?

Delivery is possible up to the 4rd floor, if it is easily accessible.

It is advisable to measure stair width but certainly also the height carefully before delivery or the sofa can be moved in this way by TSN, Logistik Manufaktur or Cargoe.

When in doubt, always notify us before delivery. If it does not fit, there may be the possibility to schedule the delivery via a moving lift (only for the Netherlands and Belgium)

Is it possible to give my old sofa to the delivery company?

It is only possible in the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria to return your old sofa via our carrier against payment.


Delivery via TSN: 

The cost of returning your old sofa are € 49.00 per sofa part.


Delivery via Cargoe: 

The cost of returning your old sofa are € 25.00 per sofa part.

Calculation example: corner sofa (2 sofa parts) x € 25.00 = € 50.00 for collecting the old sofa.

A registration must be made 5 days prior to delivery by e-mail [email protected] so that we can continue this to the planning of our carrier. The costs for collection must be paid directly to the drivers upon collection. Your bank will be taken along and deposited.

Delivery costs

Under € 50.00 we will charge € 6.95 for delivery in the Netherlands, € 9.95 for Belgium and € 13.50 for Germany, Austria and France. In the Netherlands and Belgium, we do not charge extra costs for a sofa delivery. In France, Germany and Austria the delivery costs for a sofa are € 79.00. These cost are charged via our payment system for the delivery of the order.


By SIDDE works with the transport partner TSN (NL), MTC-Trans (BE), Logistik Manufaktur (DE) and Cargoe (AT), which specialize in the delivery of furniture. Assembly of the legs is included. The sofa is packed in a protective textile cover and will be delivered to the living room if it is easily accessible. After delivery, we will take the textile cover back with us for reuse.


The drivers always come in pairs. The room in which the sofa will be placed must be vacated. Our drivers will not move any existing furniture around the house and will take back the old furniture. Delivery takes place on the ground floor or first floor, provided that it is easily accessible.


If our freight forwarder comes to deliver the ordered bank and it turns out on the spot that the sofa does not fit in the house, we will check with our freight forwarder whether there are other delivery options. Provided that it is decided to take the sofa back with you and is offered again later by our carrier, costs of € 150.00 will be incurred. See also our general terms and conditions.


** For the "Waddeneilanden" we only offer deliveries with a surcharge. That is because the transport has been outsourced to a local supplier. By SIDDE hands over the sofa at the boat to the mainland. A threshold service is offered on the islands, because we can not guarantee that the sofa was placed in the living room. Delivery takes place exclusively from Monday to Friday. The sofa is packed in a cardboard box in a plastic sleeve.

Delivery time

Each sofa is delivered within 2 to 3 weeks. As soon as you order it, we will make the sofa for you.


For the Netherlands and Belgium:

Depending on the region where you live, possible delivery times in our order process will be given by our furniture delivery company TSN. The state defaults to the first possible delivery time, but if you wish to receive the sofa later, it is possible to select a date up to 6 weeks in advance for delivery via our carrier TSN.

For Germany and Austria: 

Your order will be delivered free of charge within 3 weeks. As soon as you have ordered, we will put the sofa into production. Depending on the region, our shipping agent Logsitik Manufaktur (DE) or Cargoe (AT) will plan the day on which the sofa will be delivered. The appointment is made one week before delivery

Coordinate delivery time

For the Netherlands and Belgium:


In the payment procedure of our webshop, it is possible to select a delivery time for placing your order. These data differ per region.


One working day before delivery, in the afternoon, you will receive an email from TSN with a time slot within which the delivery will take place. A time slot covers a period of 2 hours.


Is your desired delivery date further in the future? Send an email to after ordering. Please indicate your order ID and the week in which you want the sofa to be delivered. We immediately consult with our carrier TSN on which day in the relevant week the delivery can be scheduled. We adjust this manually and notify you by email.


For Germany and Austria:

It is possible to set a desired delivery date.

In this case, please send us an email with the desired delivery week to [email protected] and we will contact you to make an appointment.

Not at home at delivery time

In the unlikely event that no one is present during delivery and the drivers of TSN/Logistik Manufaktur/Cargoe have also tried to reach you by telephone, the sofa will return to the warehouse. It is possible to schedule a new delivery through us, the cost of relisting is € 150,00.

To measure = to know

It is very important to measure in advance whether the new sofa will fit through the door, through the hall, into the living room. Measure every wall. Also include the height of the ceiling. Distinguish between the normal dimensions and the usable space that remains. Consider, for example, radiators or other small things that make the surface less useful. You need more than four inches extra to get a piece of furniture through a door, stairwell or into the elevator. Do you have to turn a corner? Count on some extra space. Tips for doubters: For example, try to get through the door with a flat piece of cardboard of the right size first. Incidentally, often more fits in an elevator than you think, so check that extra carefully.


If our carrier comes to deliver the ordered sofa and it appears on the spot that the bank does not fit in the home, then it will be examined in consultation with our carrier whether there are other options for delivery. Provided it is decided to take the sofa with you again and will be offered again later by our carrier, then there are costs involved, these amounts are € 150.00. See also our General Terms and Conditions.


If tools have to be used to move into the sofa, such as temporarily removing a window by the glazier, or hiring a moving lift, these costs are for your account. Our transport partner TSN can schedule a moving lift if registered on time.

Delivery of rugs, side tables and accessories

All orders for By SIDDE rugs, side tables and other accessories are sent via the GLS parcel service. After you have ordered and we have processed the order, you will receive a Track & Trace code by email with which you can track the shipment as soon as it is handed over from our warehouse. If you are not at home, you will receive a notification by email with a new delivery date. In most cases the next working day.

Have you ordered a rug, side table or other accessory in combination with a sofa? These are then delivered together via our carrier TSN.

Right of return

Unsatisfied? The article can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of receipt of the sofa or accessory. The sofa will then be picked up by our forwarding carrier (if additional accessories are also sent back, these can be taken by our carrier in the Netherlands and Belgium.) If only accessories are returned or exchanged, these can be picked up by GLS or there is the option of sending them yourself a GLS post office nearby.


In any case, this can be communicated to us by email within the reflection period of 30 days. A return form can also be filled in for this notification. After a check when the item is returned and if it is in undamaged condition, you will receive a credit invoice and the amount you paid will be refunded to your account number. If the item is damaged, this depreciation will be deducted from the credit bill.

In the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland, we do not charge extra costs for the first sofa exchange. In France, Germany and Austria we charge delivery costs for the first exchange of € 79.00

For a possible second exchange or return of the second sofa, € 250.00 will be charged for every countries.


If our freight forwarder comes to deliver the sofa that has been ordered and it turns out on the spot that the sofa does not fit into the house, we will check with our freight forwarder whether there are other delivery options. Provided it is decided to take the sofa back with you and later offered it again by our carrier, costs will be incurred. These amounts are € 150. See also our general terms and conditions.


To register a return or exchange an item, please contact our customer service, send an e-mail stating the order number: [email protected] or call us at: 0031-850670004
You can find the return form in the information manual supplied or here as a digital PDF version.

Package of the sofa

Once your sofa is made, it will be packaged in a reusable textile cover. Environmentally friendly packaging. An additional advantage is that you do not have any clutter in the house.


Do you want to temporarily store your sofa? Then we can pack the sofa for you in cardboard and plastic. After your order, send an email with this request to [email protected].


To which countries does By SIDDE deliver?

Germany, Belgium, Austria, France and the Netherlands.

We're glad to help.

Mon - Thu: 9.00 - 17.00
Fri: 9.00 - 15.00

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