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How is the Liv element sofa constructed?

Eco sofa Liv is the first recyclable sofa in By SIDDE's collection. The wood used in the sofa's construction is free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and comes from a sustainably managed forest.


The wooden carcass is fitted with a metal nosag underspringing, topped with a bonell inner spring. A polyester knit with a 3D-textured layer, combined with a natural coconut mat, provides fine, firm seating comfort that will last for years.


The upholstery not only provides the look and feel, but also a piece of furniture that will remain beautiful over the years. In use, space will be created in the fabric which may cause slight creasing, this is normal.


Click here for more information on Eco sofa Liv's materials.

Which sets and elements can I order from the Liv?

By SIDDE has put together four sets for you to match the size of your living room. By adding a separate element, such as a hocker, to a set, you can mix and match endlessly.

How can I disconnect the elements?

The various sets consist of individual elements. The elements are upholstered to the floor at the sides.


If you want to disconnect the elements, you lift the element with the metal clip. You can dock the metal connectors that are under the other element back under the element.


To reconnect the elements, the 2 crocodile jaws must be straight forward. Make sure they are in the same position as the metal pins. Slide the parts together. The happers retract into the pins. You will hear a clicking sound.


For further explanation on coupling and uncoupling the elements of the Liv, refer to the manual. This manual explains it per set

Can I order the elements of a set in different colours?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose multiple fabric colours in one set. If you wish, you can order several sets via our website. You can choose one fabric colour per set.


We make the sofa only when you order it and deliver free of charge within 3 weeks. By keeping the production process simple, we can produce quickly at competitive prices.

Is it possible to order the elements in a different size?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to order a different size sofa than the models and corresponding sizes we have described in our shop. Customisation within our concept is therefore not possible.

What is recycling, upcycling, downcycling and circularity?

When it comes to sustainability, many different terms are used. Below, we explain the different terms for you in a simple way.


Recycling is often used as a general term for reusing materials or raw materials. If the value of the end product remains more or less the same, it is recycling. Upcycling is a form of recycling where a low-value material is made into something high-value. Downcycling is a form of recycling where the material can be used a few more times in low-value products. The raw material cannot be reused in the same quality.



When a material or raw material can be reused endlessly, we call it circularity. Circularity is the highest form of recycling. Time after time, materials can be recycled at the same high-quality level. With circularity, the circle remains closed; there is no waste.

What does FSC® and PEFC™ certified mean?

FSC is an international organisation committed to verandwoord forest management worldwide. This means that social, economic and ecological aspects associated with forest management are taken into account in a balanced way. It comes from Forest Stewardshop Council.


PEFC stands for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and has the same goal as FSC. The differences between the labels mainly have to do with the way certification is regulated. FSC sets its own standards, with forest owners wishing to be certified having to demonstrate compliance. PEFC uses existing laws and regulations as a starting point, supplemented by criteria and standards for sustainable forest management. Most importantly, both labels are committed to responsible forest management. They also ensure that the area of certified forest is increased worldwide.

What is formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a colourless gas with a pungent odour. Formaldehyde is found in chipboard, MDF, plywood and plywood, among others. More gas is released when the temperature and humidity are high. Formaldehyde can be released from products and into the air. It can then be harmful to your health if you inhale it. If there is not enough ventilation in the house, formaldehyde remains lower in the house.


Using board material without formaldehyde is better for people and the environment. The board material used in Liv is glued with an organic glue and contains 0% formaldehyde.

What is harmolan?

abric Vide is made from 100% harmolan. Harmolan is a residual polymer stretched into yarns. Harmolan can be recycled up to 10 times.

With an average life cycle of 100 years, it is the most sustainable fibre made by man.


No water is required to produce harmolan fibres. In addition, the fabrics do not absorb water and are dirt-repellent and quick-drying, making them easy to clean.

5-year stain guarantee

Sofa Liv's Vide fabric is made of 100% harmolan. Harmolan fabrics do not absorb water and are dirt-repellent and quick-drying, making the fabric easy to clean.


On sofa Liv, we offer a 5-year Protexx stain guarantee. In contrast, the fabric itself is not Protexx treated, as harmolan fabrics are dirt-repellent by themselves. For this reason, no treatment is needed to achieve the same result.


Once you have a stain on your Liv, first remove the excess dirt or liquid with kitchen paper. Then slightly moisten a white cotton cloth and place it on the stain. The dirt will pull up into the cloth. Let the cloth dry. Then rinse the cloth and continue as long as the cloth still picks up colour from the spill. Repeat this process until the stain is gone. Most spills have a colour of their own so you can tell from the white cloth used whether there is still release of the spill. Use cold water for blood or fruit stains and hot water for other stains.

In which packaging material are the elements delivered?

The various elements are delivered in reusable textile furniture covers. We use these again and again for deliveries of the Eco sofa Liv. Because of these textile furniture covers, there is no single-use packaging material.

Saying goodbye to my sofa Liv, what should I do now?

In the design of Liv, conscious thought has been given to the recycling process. If you still want to part with your By SIDDE element sofa Liv, it is possible to return it to our recycling depot. Please contact us for more information.


By SIDDE makes sure the materials get a second life.

We're glad to help.

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