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Can I also order with a business account?

It is possible to order products from By SIDDE for projects such as Hospitality, Healthcare, Government, Recreation or Office furnishing. This concerns multiple numbers. Contact us by email or phone. We make an inventory of your wishes and send you a quotation. Business orders for private advice are not possible.

Can I order an interior kit for professionals?

Are you a professional stylist and do you make interior plans? Then request the free By SIDDE interior kit for professionals. It contains all fabric samples from the entire collection. To receive this you can send an email to [email protected] with your company details and Chamber of Commerce number.

Is it possible to add the invoice to a business address?

It is possible to create an account on the business address. During ordering you can choose the option to enter a different shipping address. If you would like to receive an invoice after delivery, please send an email with your oder ID to [email protected]. As soon as delivery has taken place, you will receive the invoice via email.

Can I sell By SIDDE products in my shop?

By SIDDE is an online concept. We make the sofa to order as soon as the consumer orders it and deliver it free of charge at home within 2 to 3 weeks. We give the price advantage of direct delivery from the factory directly back to the consumer because we do not have the intervention of wholesalers or shops. A dealership is therefore not possible.

Do you have By SIDDE products in Sketchup?

Our collection of sofas can be found in Sketchup's 3D warehouse.

We're glad to help.

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